Thursday, 8 December 2011

How to Conduct Employee Evaluations

As we all know, evaluating an employee in an organization is indeed a difficult task. So if you are given the responsibility of evaluating your team members, then quickly have a look at how to conduct a fair and effective employee evaluation.
  • Before evaluating an employee, make sure that he is aware of his organizational duties and responsibilities and on what basis he is being evaluated. In other words, set targets for the employees right from the beginning and give them work deadlines.
  • Also, try to be a very good listener. This is because of the fact that it may so happen that an employee has not performed well due to some reason or the other and hence, you should listen to his problems before giving your judgment.
  • Also, remember the fact that you are evaluating the employee’s work and not the employee himself. Hence, you should not take into consideration factors like personality and other characteristic traits of the employee when conducting employee evaluations until and unless it hampers your organizational mission and objectives.
    These are some of the crucial points that you should keep in mind when conducting employee sample evaluations. Always remember that employees are very crucial for the success of any organization, be it big or small.  

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