Monday, 1 August 2011

Use and Non-use of Evaluation Results

Evaluation in general terms means to ascertain or fix a value of something. In order to evaluate something you have to be very careful so that no mistakes are done or likely to happen. 

Evaluation helps a person to market the programs of the organization. This kind of sample evaluation promotes the awareness of something among the researchers and helps them to recognize the impact of such an analysis. The impact of a program which is triggered by the evaluation process, indicates the need for any improvement in the program, and provides a detailed impression of the programs accomplishments to the various groups such as their client’s or the general public. 

A sample evaluation assesses the effect that a program has on its target group. It might have a positive as well as a negative response. Despite of the fact that evaluation really helps to draw out fair conclusions about certain matters, it does have some drawbacks. At times, evaluation results may propel a different set of thinking which can be harmful for the researcher. Many times surveying people and evaluating those results do not help in any ways if they do not yield any satisfactory result. Evaluation has both its positive and negative effects.

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