Monday, 1 August 2011

What is Self Evaluation?

Evaluation literally means to ascertain the worth of some entity and self- evaluation enables you to know yourselves better. A sample evaluation introduces you with certain known and unknown facts about your own self. You strength, desire, potential, weakness, beliefs and misconceptions gets revealed which allows you to know yourself in a new light.  

Anyone can opt for a sample evaluation just by filling certain self-evaluation forms, by answering questionnaires, by taking tests, asking questions, discussing or by journalizing their thinking and emotions. Evaluating others is easy but when it comes to evaluate oneself, it can be a pretty tuff job for a person. One has to be selfless to evaluate oneself.

This kind of a sample evaluation is especially encouraged by the teachers in every school of today. They want their students to know their worth and want them to attach value to every aspect of their life. For instance, teachers often ask students to place feedbacks regarding the classes, the subjects or the teachers concerned. They also provide suggestion box and also hand out evaluation forms to the students. In this way a student gets a clear idea of where he stands and hence, enables him to improve himself and ensure a bright future.  

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